Hellfire | Devil’s Blend Roasted Reaper
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Hellfire | Devil’s Blend Roasted Reaper

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Hellfire has been known for their horror-themed labels and super spicy recipes that lurk in the dark corners of more than one Hot Ones lineup. This time they’re back with toned down heat but dialed up flavor thanks to fire roasted jalapenos, tomatillos, granny smith apples, and a healthy portion of scallion. Gracing the number 4 seat in the Season 14 lineup, Devil’s Blend does add a devilish touch of roasted Reaper pepper heat but with notes of smoke, tartness and aromatic herbs. This award-winning recipe is sure to get celebrity guest and fans alike to sit up and take notice.

Ingredients: Fire roasted jalapeño pepper mash (jalapeno peppers and vinegar), distilled vinegar, tomatillos (tomatillos, water, citric acid and vinegar), Granny Smith apples, roasted garlic (garlic and water), scallion puree (scallions, salt), cilantro, green Carolina Reaper pepper mash (Carolina Reaper peppers and vinegar), sea salt, cumin, lime juice from concentrate

Size: 5 FL oz